Update in Muscular Dystrophies [LGMD, CMD, DMD]

26 March 2019
26-PM-Parallel-1 16:30 > 18:00 Update in Muscular Dystrophies [LGMD, CMD, DMD] Amphi A

16:30 S07-01 AAV-gene transfer in Limb-girdle muscular dystrophies > I. Isabelle RICHARD (Evry, France) 17:00 S07-02 Mutation Specific Precision Therapy: The COL6-Related Dystrophies and Beyond > C. Carsten BONNEMANN (Washington, Usa) 17:30 S07-03 Two in vitro muscular dystrophy modelling approaches for development and verification of gene therapy methods > I. Ivan YAKOVLEV (Moscow, Russia) 17:45 S07-04 Residual very low dystrophin levels mitigate dystrophinopathy towards Becker muscular dystrophy > H. Helge AMTHOR (Montigny-Le-Bretonneux, France)

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